Kyoto by Night

Kyoto by Night

The day fragrance is inspired by the philosopher's path, a cherry trees-lined canal along the base of the Higashiyama mountain, one of the most scenic spots during

"Kyoto by Night" a place of memories collection

Perfumer: Elodie Durande


The night fragrance is inspired by an evening adventure in Gion. Gion is one of the most famous area of Kyoto and is home to most of the Ochayas. At dusk you can spot the Geishas and Maikos rushing to their engagements, especially on Hanami-koji street, whilst the rest of the people are ready to go out for a drink or to enjoy their dinner in one of the myriad of restaurants and izakaya hidden in the charming wooden houses, behind closed doors and curtains. Such an atmospheric and mystical place!


Notes: spices, osmanthus, plum wine, frankincense, davana