La Scala (Siam Square)

La Scala (Siam Square)

"La Scala" (Siam Square) a place of memories collection

Perfumer: Saruj Tangtaratorn

“La Scala de Siam Square” is a tribute to my favourite cinema in central Bangkok, “La Scala”. Known for its Art Deco architectural design and being Thailand’s last standalone cinema, La Scala had operated since 1969 until the pandemic of Covid-19 hit hard and having its closure in July, 2020.

The inspiration of “La Scala de Siam Square” is a vintage Hollywood with Thai twists. Having Thailand’s local ingredients, lychee and lemongrass as leading roles, supported by green apple, pear and peony, performing fun and youthful romantic comedy drama.


Notes: pear, lychee, aquatic, green apple, lime, lemongrass, oakmoss, vetiver, peony